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Christian Prayer Samples

There are many prayers in the world. Many of these prayers are standard prayers, central to the faith that uses them. For the Christians there are a few prayers that they should know. These prayers include the Our Father, Hail Mary and Act of Contrition. It is important to remember that while these are good prayers, they are more prayer samples than required speech. These prayers can be broken down into their elements and then duplicated with different words. That is what a prayer sample is, the use of a prayer as a means for constructing new and more personalized prayers.

Let us look at the Our Father for direction. This sample prayer begins with addressing the god, Our Father. "Our" indicates that this prayer a group prayer, the word "my" can be used as a substitute. The next line states the location of the god, "Who Arte in Heaven" as opposed to an earth dwelling individual. "Hallowed by thy name" is used to state praise to the god. "Give us this day our Daily Bread, Lead us not Into Temptation and Deliver Us from Evil," are all requests by the faithful that they hope the god to deliver. "They kingdom come, they will be done" states that his time is not now, but in the future and they eagerly await his arrival. The phrase also states that they will follow his will until his kingdom is present. "On Earth, as it is in Heaven," is used to state that the god controls everything, as opposed to controlling one event or section as older deities or those of a pantheon are thought to rule. "For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for Ever and Ever." This is another praise line. The final word, "Amen" is considered an ending phrase meaning "So Be It" or "It is God's Will".

There is no wrong way to submit prayer requests at the Christian Prayer Center.

Using this prayer sample, it is possible to construct a prayer using different words but a similar meaning. An example of that would be "My God" as opposed to "Our Father." The entire prayer could use similar wording, and the same structure but be considered a different prayer. The Hail Mary is very similar in that it too can be used to construct new prayers and direct the followers in proper prayer usage. The Act of Contrition, though not a true prayer but rather a statement of beliefs can also be manipulated to fit the needs of the individual person.
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